Friday, October 21, 2011

Navigating the Wedding Direction Card

I've been thinking that I should have done a series on invitation enclosure cards instead of randomly tackling each one...  Check out my earlier posts on the accommodation card and R.S.V.P.

Today I'll tackle the direction card and the different ways you can present this to your guests.

When appropriate: When directions are not complicated enough to require an actual map illustration; also, if the turn-by-turn directions can actually fit onto a layout

Pros: Some guests prefer turn-by-turn directions rather than maps.  Maps are still hard to read for some people. This is the most explicit direction you can provide.

Cons: Based on how small the type may have to be rendered, it will be tough to use this as a reference while on the road.

Some guests appreciate everything spelled out...

When appropriate: When the best way to indicate how to get from point A to point B is to show a literal representation of key streets, intersections and landmarks.

Pros: An actual map will afford you the opportunity to point out tricky areas that only those familiar with the route would know...

Cons: Some guests will not be able to read maps and will prefer a turn-by-turn summary.

Sometimes its a good idea to "zoom in" on a tricky area...

Whenever possible, couple your accommodation info with the map!
Saves money on the cards that you need...

When appropriate: When the hotel, ceremony and reception are in close proximity to one another.

Pros: Guests do not have to grasp from one card to another, everything is right there.

Cons: There is limited room under each heading

Nice to have everything in one place!

As you develop this card, be sure to keep your guests needs top of mind.  You want to make this process extremely easy for them.  The out-of-towners will definitely appreciate it! --ct

NOTE:  I would be remiss if I didn't note that many clients are beginning to skip this card altogether because of the influx of smart phones and cars equipped with GPS capabilities. Just something to keep in mind!


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