Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Why Not Embellish It?

Today I want to talk about three embellishments you can use for your invitations. If you have D.I.Y. chops, you may, as a money-saving measure, want to add your own special touch to your printed wedding stationery. There are simple and affordable ways to do this.

The skinny:
Sold in large bundles, affordable, easy to work with, several different ways to use/tie

Destination, Fall, or couple it with handmade paper

Ways to embellish:
You can tie a bow, glue down strips, wrap your invitation vertically and horizontally like you would a package

You can expect twice, maybe three times as much upon purchase.

Raffia looks awesome coupled with starfish.
From hanahouproductions.com

From: designstoimpress.com

The skinny:
Large amounts yielded in your purchase, small, requires some skill to work with

Party, Save the Date, Fun event, Affordable glam

Ways to embellish:
String through the hole in the center, glue

Caramelos on ETSY

The skinny:
Readily available in local craft stores, hot fix or self adhesive, multiple sizes 

Can be used to accent the flourished part of a letter on printed type, accent on a monogram

Ways to embellish:
Either purchase a heated wand for use with the hot fix style crystals or simply remove self-adhesive crystals from its sheet and stick

Snapcrafty on ETSY

Rhinestone added to monogram on pocket cover

Rhinestones added to flourishes in letters


Tamara said...

so mad I'm SO behind on my RSS feed that I JUST saw this! LOL. Thanks for the mention Christy.

Christy Toney said...

NP, glad to do it! :-)

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