Monday, April 16, 2012

The Wedding Map

Ahhh, the wedding map. It is becoming somewhat of a dinosaur with the dawn of GPS isn't it? Although it has become a "nice to have" I am still a fan of this particular enclosure card. Not because it is something that will be indispensable for your guests... It is just a card that has the potential for such personal detail, it can easily become a nice complement to a keepsake quality invitation suite.

Please consider having your stationer develop a map to complement your wedding materials! It might become the talk of your guests...

Hand painted map - By: NattyMichelle

Carillon Beach Weddings map by CT-Designs.com

Map featuring detail... Nice at-a-glance card that can eliminate
individual enclosure cards - CT-Designs.com

Found on: Elizabethannedesigns

Calligraphy inspired map - From: Efine Stationery

Wedding Weekend Map - Key West by CT-Designs


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