Monday, June 11, 2012

Wedding infographics

If you've been anywhere near the interwebs in the last year or so you've either seen or heard mention of infographics. If you are still wondering what exactly is an infographic; well it's basically a graphic that visually shows date, information or knowledge. These graphics touch on all kinds of topics from rock band names to understanding social enterprise and yes you'll even see them in the world of weddings. 

Wedding invitation infographic
This couple who created the infographic above actually took it one step further and created a really unique webpage using the infograhphic style. Check it!

The Huffington Post Weddings posted this fun infographic not too long ago which shows a breakdown of wedding information from around the country.

Are you planning on incorporating infographics to in your wedding? If, so we'd love to hear how and see what you've come up with.


What did you think?

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