Monday, July 9, 2012

Paper Props For Wedding Shots

Engagement, wedding and plain ol' love photographs can be an opportunity for couples to get creative, show off their personalities and have some fun. Adding props to your photos shoots can really make the difference between a cool pic and a freakin' cool pic. Good thing there are lot's of paper props out there to add a little spice and love to your photos.  The couple below created a cute little room inside a room using cloth, circle paper garland and lights to stage a unique place for their photo shoot.

Image by Alexandra Meseke

Here's another way to jazz a space by adding an interesting background, it's called the Nomad System and get this..... it's made from recycled cardboard. 

Modular system by MIO

These modular architectural systems are freestanding and could make an interesting backdrop or addition to photo session. They come in several color options and they're super eco friendly, so Mother Earth will also be happy. And speaking of backdrops, I think the garland mentioned in last weeks post would also be a beautiful addition to a photo shoot.

These signs are also cute and fun ways to add some humor and personalize your pictures. Both of these signs can be found on Esty

Signs from akapertyfultings

Photo by Melissa Stallings

Photo booths are pretty popular and there are lots of props you can provide for your guests so they can create really funny pics. These props below could also be used for engagement and wedding pics.

Image from IttyBittyWedding Esty shop

Do you have any fun ideas for engagement or wedding photos? If so, we'd love to hear or see them. Have a great week!


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