Monday, December 31, 2012

Wedding Best(s) of 2012

Is this REALLY the third year that I'm publishing an annual "best of" blog to commemorate CT-Designs special moments? I feel like I JUST started doing this, its unreal.

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This year has been the most insane... I know I say this every year, but for this to be the first full time year (start to finish), I think to date, its definitely accurate to use insane this time! Here are just a few of the memorable moments and milestones our company experienced in 2012.

1. We're A Popular Read on PaperBlog

Our blog feed is published on a UK site called PaperBlog. Not only were four of our articles chosen as "Editor's Picks" in 2012, three of our blogs were the most read in 2012! Many thanks to our readers "across the pond..."

Visit paperblog's Wedding section under Lifestyle!

2. NSS Attendance in May

I finally made it to the National Stationery Show! I hope to make it back in 2013. It was a wonderful experience, and I'd like to audit some of the seminars next time.

Met my online stationer friends Rochelle and Tamara!

3. CT-Designs interns 

My summer interns ended up revolutionizing the company! We were so much more productive in 2012 all because of the efforts of both Lonyae and Colleen. Thanks guys, you were the best!

4. Press and Buzz

Again, we were featured in some of the best wedding publications in the industry. In 2011, it was mostly blogs. This year, lots of ink on paper!:

5. Accucut Technology

We finally secured an Accucut Machine (one of the biggest benefits of visiting NSS)! It has bolstered our production and I have to say that we executed twice the number of petal programs that the company projected to sell! I would recommend this product to any crafter out there. You won't be disappointed!

Check out all of our programs now on Etsy.

6. New York Nuptials Video Feature

Our work was featured in "real time" for some fabulous nuptials in New York. Thanks to Adrianne Harris of Blessed Events NY for sharing this video with me. Soooo many of our paper details were picked up and its just the next best thing to being there in person!

Click the image to pull up the video... Warning: It will play automatically!

7. Joining Instagram

Its random! Its a "sneak peek" inside my studio! Its a natural hair "diary"! Its Instagram! I finally joined... Follow me! @ctdesignswed


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