Monday, December 30, 2013

Wedding Best(s) of 2013

Its that time of year again... Amazing... If I didn't have these annual round-ups to look back over, each year/season would melt together because things seem to happen so very quickly. Very excited to publish another year-in-review featuring the best moments of the season!

Past Wedding Best(s):
Wedding Best(s) of 2010
Wedding Best(s) of 2011
Wedding Best(s) of 2012

1. My Work Published in The Paris Wedding
I had the pleasure of making Kim Petyt's (Parisian Party Events) acquaintance at ISSE Chicago back in 2012. I'd learned that Chicago was her hometown, but that she'd gotten married, moved to Paris and was planning weddings there. Fascinating story and I was glad to have been able to get to know her a little at the conference. When she contacted me towards the end of the same year asking for some calligraphy samples for a photoshoot, I was beyond thrilled. Very short timeline to get everything together, but somehow it got done and shipped to Paris. 

Months and months later, buzz about this publication began to surface and it was only then that I'd learn exactly what happened. My work would be featured in a book, authored by Kim, solely about planning weddings in Paris or with a French/Parisian theme! SO excited to be able to say that I'm officially published and I can't thank Kim enough for the opportunity. Merci beaucoup Kim!!!

(Top): Me and Kim Petyt, author of The Paris Wedding (Bottom): Photo taken from the book signing at The Left Bank Jewelry

Photo of one of the menus shown in the book

2. CT-Designs Press and Buzz
The Paris Wedding wasn't the only highlight press-wise for me. CT-Designs enjoyed, again, a number of features online and in ink for 2013...

Beso Design Partyscape (Poshitively Romantic)
Tying the Knot Partyscape (City Chic)
Oh So Beautiful Paper (Calligraphy)
Destination Weddings & Honeymoons
CT-Designs Feature by Lettering Art Studio
WED Bash (CT-Designs Sponsored)
Chicago Style Weddings Feature

3. 350 Blogs Published
I was actually going to celebrate having made it to 250 blog posts as of January 2013, but I reached 350 on 12/18. Very exciting...

Most visited post: 5 Free Wedding Fonts
All time page views: 408,150
How blog is found: Mostly through Google, followed by Pinterest

 4. CT-Designs crept up to 3,200 followers on Pinterest!

Come see what I am pinning!
Most popular pin:

You just never know what's going to be popular... This Fall Inspiration Board that I did got over 1,500 repins.

5. CT-Designs is now Tumbling!
We are just getting warmed up! I'm late to the party but Tumblr is the PERFECT place to upload a pic with a tip. Another outlet for us since there is so much to share.
Follow us!

6. Sarah Furger
My new intern was so awesome and helpful to me and has actually graciously agreed to stay on through the off-season. Sarah here's to a busy and spectacular 2014 (thanks for everything)!

Sarah is a graduate student and great multi-tasker and is a great addition to the team...

7. 30 Days of Blogging

Links to all thirty blogs in the series

I found myself to be so derelict this past year in posting blogs that I committed in mid-November to blogging for 30 consecutive days. Yeah, that happened. Well, I made it through. Thirty days of blogs dedicated to the D.I.Y. bride and crafting. The blogs got a ton of traffic and I expect them to accessed again and again once we get into the high wedding season. Great seeds to plant for sure (and spiders for Google's search engine).

Most Popular (Domestic):
Demystifying Wax Seals
The Best Craft Suppliers
Understanding Paper

Most Popular (UK/Paper Blog readers):
Chalkboard 101

Special thanks to all of our fabulous clients who were all equally special. Its because of you that we are able to continue to have success annually. Here's to a fabulous 2014!

Have great weeks everyone,


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