Friday, January 3, 2014

CT-Designs 2014 Calligraphy Lettering Styles

Thought I'd put together my first 2014 "pin" showcasing my hand lettering offerings for the season. I got rid of multiple fonts that weren't popular and I think this selection speaks to the current landscape. They were carefully chosen/crafted and I wanted to share a little bit about each one.

Fiedler Script
Perfect for black tie... Calligraphy at its best. Using the pointed pen, the swells are majestic and feel important. You can't go wrong with this one for a formal event.

Fiedler Script Ornate
An ornate take on Fiedler... Just taking it up a notch with more flourishes and curls!

A play on Carolyna Pro Black font. Very popular font from last season and it got requested so much that I thought I'd add it to my offerings.

Hipster Script
Very laid back script for just the right couple and just the right event.

Neat Cursive
Most affordable option. Nice and neat and you can say you got your envelopes lettered.

Laine Day SH
One of the most popular handwriting fonts out today and one of my favorite to letter.

Feel Script
Feel is a bubbly and happy font. The capitals are gorgeous and you can announce your nuptials with a nice flair.

Helinda Rook
Typical and traditional. Helinda Rook is a safe bet for a formal affair. Can't recommend it enough for weddings or charity events.

Duffy Script
Hip script that extends from the left to the right of the envelope. Featuring lower case letters its great for a casual event.

Southside Script
A CT-Designs original... From my side of the city. Just a hardworking, straightforward style. I love to letter this script.

Enjoy the fonts and take care til' next time!


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